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Hooded Crow (Corvus cornix) The Grove, Portland, Dorset
Hooded Crow (Corvus corone cornix) Calgary Bay, Isle of Mull
Hooded Crow (Corvus corone cornix) Oban, Argyll & Bute
Hooded Crow - in flight (Corvus corone corvix) Oban, Argyll & Bute
Jackdaw (Corvus monedula) Truro, Devon
  Jay (Garrulus glandarius) Longham, Dorset.JPG  
Jay - in flight (Garrulus glandarius) Swineham, Dorset
Magpie (Pica pica) Berry Head, Devon
Magpie (Pica pica) Durslton NNR, Dorset
Raven (Corvus corax) Bat's Hole, Dorset
Raven (Corvus corax) Holes Bay, Dorset

Jay (Garrulus glandarius) Longham, Dorset Download
Camera: Canon EOS 40D | Date: 14/04/11 17:50 | Resolution: 2010 x 1340 | ISO: 800 | Exp. Time: 1/200s | Aperture: 5.6 | Focal Length: 400.0mm
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