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Arctic Warlber (Phylloscopus borealis) Holme, Norfolk
Barred Warbler (Sylvia nisoria) Portland Bill, Dorset
Blackcap - female (Sylvia atricapilla) Abbotsbury, Dorset
Blackcap - female (Sylvia atricapilla) Rowesfield, Tresco, Isles of Scilly
Blackcap - male (Sylvia atricapilla) Hengistbury Head, Dorset
Cetti's Warbler (Cettia cetti) Radipole Lake, Dorset
Cetti's Warbler 3 (Cettia cetti) Weymouth, Dorset
Cetti's Warbler 5 (Cettia cetti) Weymouth, Dorset
Chiffchaff (Phylloscopus collybita) Nagshead RSPB, Gloucestershire
Chiffchaff (Phylloscopus collybita) New Fancy, Forest of Dean
Chiffchaff (Phylloscopus collybita) Swineham, Dorset
Chiffchaff - male (Phylloscopus collybita) Nagshead RSPB, Gloucestershire
Common Whitethroat - female-imm.autumn (Sylvia communis) Pulborough Brooks RSPB, West Sussex
Common Whitethroat - male (Sylvia communis) Hengistbury Head, Dorset
Common Whitethroat - singing male (Sylvia communis) Hengistbury Head, Dorset
Dartford Warbler (Sylvia undata) Coombe Heath, Dorset
Dartford Warbler (Sylvia undata) Hengistbury Head, Dorset
Dartford Warbler - adult male (Sylvia undata) Canford Heath, Dorset
Dartford Warbler - juvenile (Sylvia undata) Hartland Moor, Dorset
Dusky Warbler (Phylloscopus fuscatus) Avalanche Rd, Portland
Dusky Warbler (Phylloscopus humei) St Mary's, Isles of Scilly
Easter Crowned Warbler (Phylloscopus coronatus) Brotton, Cleveland
Fan-tailed Warbler (Cisticola juncidis) Pegwell Bay, Kent
Firecrest (Regulus ignicapillus) Carreg Dhu gardens, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly

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